Guiding Principles for Healthy Communities

ACSM American Fitness Index will contribute to the Guiding Principles for Healthy Communities by creating effective partnerships and alliances at the national and community levels; by providing tools, strategies, and expertise to cities and communities interested in making progress toward health; and by connecting scientific evidence with practice and policies that work.

Guiding Principles for Healthy Communities are:

  • Overall health improvement in U.S. cities must focus on the prevention of behavioral-linked diseases by effectively addressing the underlying risk and community factors.
  • The rise in chronic diseases attributable to physical inactivity and unhealthy diets are a “clear and present danger” to our health and healthcare systems, our cities, our nation, and our future.
  • All cities, irrespective of size and current health status, can make powerful advances in improving the health of their people through affordable, effective steps.
  • There is a need for even more synergy and collaboration to assist cities in actively making the moves toward better health.