Understanding Your Data Trend Report

The ACSM American Fitness Index® Data Report is a Scientific Snapshot of the State of Health and Fitness at the Metropolitan Level.


AFI 2009-2013 Data Trend Reports serve as a tool that can be used to identify specific health and community measures where success can be celebrated, as well as what areas are in need of more attention.  When reviewing the trend report, it is important to remember that a majority of the personal health indicators do not change rapidly, so it may take a while for the impact of new initiatives to be seen in the health measures.  While improvements in community and built environment indicators are important investments, a notable change in the health of residents is expected to slowly but surely follow.  AFI celebrates the tremendous efforts that have been put into improving the health and well being of the residents, as well as the community and environmental assets, as we all move towards a healthier future for America.

Why the years 2009 – 2013?

AFI has published an annual report for each year starting in 2008.    Throughout this time, the AFI report has evolved to provide the best measure of community health and fitness.  For the first report released in 2008, data was pulled during the fall of 2008.  For the following report released in 2009, data was pulled during the spring of 2009.  Consequently, several data sources had not updated during that time interval due to the timing of the reports being released so close together.  To demonstrate a more accurate trend, AFI chose to start the trend reports in 2009.

Although the 2014 AFI data report is available, 2013 is the last year represented in these trend reports.  The 2014 AFI data report featured new and improved indicators, thus many of the new measures cannot be compared to previous years’ reported data.  For further information about 2014 data changes, please visit http://www.americanfitnessindex.org/big-changes-2014-afi-report/.

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Understanding Your Data Report